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"Speak to her as a flute would to a frightened violin string, as if you knew what tomorrow would bring." #darwish

This is the logo for climate change, designed by the guy who made ‘I♥NY’

Morning coffee w/ Theo.

Haw Haw!

When #Netanyahu met #Abbas.

What’s your mix? #hmm


(Please note this event is located in Tel Aviv, not Washington, DC)

Sunday, June 8th

”Mazeh 9” street, Tel Aviv

More than 250 young professionals, the future leaders in Israeli foreign policy, will gather at “Mazeh 9,” Tel Aviv’s youth center that works to support this next generation of…

واحد كان يأكل خس، واحد كان يأكل تين، وواحد كان سايق مش عارف لوين.

Hey you,

#Jaffa street art.

את פרויקט הדיור הדמיוני שלי אמכור ואשכיר לאוהדי הקליפרס; או לחובבי BDSM; או סתם לבני אדם ללא הבדל גזע, דת, מין, וכו’.

Embrace the heat, live it, love it.